Friday, July 20, 2012

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette Review

So my first ever review on my blog is going to be on Wet n Wild's eyeshadow palette in Comfort Zone. I had heard a lot of talk about this but every time I would go to the drugstore or my local grocery store they would be all out or the shadows would be cracked. Seeing all of them gone, only made me want it more so finally I saw one that wasn't cracked and I snatched it up.

On the left side, there are more neutral shadows and on the right side, there are more bold shadows if you will. In this palette, there are two browbone colors, two eyelid colors, two crease colors, and two definer colors. This makes it really easy to create different looks but of course you don't have to use it as it says to. If you aren't a fan of shimmery colors or more metallic colors, then I would skip this palette as these are all relatively shimmery. In my personal opinion, I prefer the left side over the right. I find the more neutral colors to be softer and more pigmented. Here are some swatches:

Left to right: Browbone - Definer

As I said above, all of these colors are relatively metallic and/or shimmery so I won't mention that in the description of these colors. The browbone color is a nice creamy highlight color (which I absolutely adore), the eyelid color is a soft rose gold color, the crease color is a bronze-y brown color, and the definer color is a burnt burgundy color.

Left to right: Browbone - Definer

The browbone color is not something I would personally put on my browbone as it is too dark for my MAC NC20 skin. It is sort of a light grey color. The eyelid color is my favorite out of this side and it's a nice grassy green color, the crease color is a very, very dark green color almost so dark that it's black. Now, I don't know if it's just my palette, but this last color is the strangest color I have ever seen. As you can see, on my arm it looks like a very sheer almost brown type of color but when swatched, it looks like this:

Not the best photo, but on the finger, and in the pan, it looks like a blue-ish teal color with brown around the outsides but then when swatched, you don't get any hint of blue at all just a very sheer brown color. I really don't ever see myself using this shade as it is so odd.

I really liked this palette overall and I think it's definitely something worth checking out as are all of Wet n Wild's eyeshadows and you can't really beat the price.

I would definitely recommend this palette for everyone unless you don't like shimmery shadows. I would give this palette a 4.5/5


  1. The eyelid colour on the left is so pretty!!


  2. I love this palette! It's awesome!! :D :D